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Business Accounts

At Yellowcabz  we have worked closely with many organisations around the Peterborough and Surrounding areas for over 15 years. Our experience has helped us understand the needs and expectations of our account customers.

During this time, we have built up an excellent working relationship with all of our account cusomers, to the degree that many organisations have held accounts with us for many years

As an account customer all jobs booked on our system receive a higher priority over cash customers. This means that even at our busiest times, your booking will go to top of the list.

At Yellowcabz  we understand the importance of cost and flexibility. Our experience has enabled us to develop the necessary systems to provide you with a cost effective and flexible service

Our system allows us to set up a secure booking facility. We can hold names of authorised booking personel, where bookings can only be made by these persons. We can set up a unique password where only personel who have access to this password are able to make bookings. An Ebooking service will soon be available to account customers

You, your staff or clients will not need to pay cash. We will bill you within 30 days. Our invoice formats are designed for customer flexibility. They can include any information you require, such as names, times, cost centres, requisition numbers and name of person making the booking.

If you would like to open an account or would like any further information. Please call one of our dedicated team on 01733 77 55 55or use the contact us form.